Conquering Fears and Phobias that Hamper Your Life

A person can face nothing but skeletons, obstacles, fears and phobias for an entire lifetime and thus miss all of the good things life has to offer. We cannot be our best in life if we have got unpleasant emotions.

Why do I keep shooting down every opportunity in my life? The fears and phobias have really hampered my life. By the way,Guest Posting do you always use these words “Who?” “Me?” “Not me. I am not going to do it and you see I have blah… Blah…” I know the world is imperfect and this means no one is hundred percent correct. Even although this is the case you should bear in mind that success is about absence of fears and phobias.

Of course, these two things will deny you all the joys that life offers. What I am telling you is that if your mind is loaded with unpleasant emotion and extreme fears beyond your explanation in the name of phobias, then your life will be stagnant.

Every time an opportunity pops in your life all you can do best is to shoot it down. It is like being lost in a dark forest where one doesn’t know the right path or ever see the sun.

Without the ability of controlling fears and phobias, one can never benefit from those around her. Do you know why? The fact is that those around her lose the best about her (The skills and talents about her will have no meaning to them since fears and phobias in her have shadowed them.) Sometimes fear is natural and it may be responsible for increasing the chances of survival in dangerous situations only.

You can actually make those fears work in favor of you instead of against, but this requires great self-control and clear thinking. Fears and phobias could be the result of a bygone event or trepidation at the prospect of dealing with another person or some situation facing them.

Phobia is a psychiatric term for a fear. There are those who automatically equate phobia with insanity, but this is not realistic. Phobias are innate emotional responses, not malformed thought.

Phobias and fears can be embarrassing due to stigma, especially when extreme phobic reactions take place in front of others. Some people shiver and hide in an almost caricaturist fashion when confronted with phobic circumstances.

Phobias may take the form of simplistic fears such as being within an enclosed area. Others are more complex, like that of flying. A social fear and phobia can be manifested in the fear of public speaking or of being surrounded by a crowd.

A person interested in shedding a phobia should take care not to become a “lab rat” for a doctor who is only interested in advancing his own understanding of the condition. This is a waste of time in terms of the patient, because simply discovering the underlying cause usually will not make the phobia disappear.

It is more important to the sufferer to face the phobia-“face your fear and it will disappear” is an old saying that applies well here.

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